Hydro Tech Solutions provides monitoring and control for irrigation wells as well as weather and soil data. Take complete control of your wells and irrigation plan with our web-based system.


  • Monitor and Control Irrigation Wells
  • View Real-Time Weather Conditions
  • See Engine Data and History
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Password Protected Start and Stop
  • Shutdown Timers
  • View Moisture Sensor Data

Moisture Sensors

Irrigation Well Engine Monitoring

View real-time data from your well engines such as RPM, Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, Battery Level, and Fuel Tank Level. You can also see daily runtime as well as last startup and shutdown times.

Irrigation Well Engine Control

Our dashboard allows you to start and stop your engines, including schedule shutdowns. This feature is protected by a numeric passcode. SMS and Email alerts can be configured for Startup, Stop, and Battery Low events and these alerts can go to multiple people and devices.

Irrigation Well Engine Control

Soil Moisture and Weather Monitoring

View rainfall, windspeed, and wind direction for each engine installation. Weather data is logged to our database. Expect various charts, graphs, and reports to be available in the future.

Soil Moisture Sensors with alerts and charts give you the ability to make important irrigation and soil amendment decisions. End-of-Row sensors send alerts when the water reaches the end of the row.


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